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Quotes from customers

The following are quotes from feedback provided by trial participants:

"Since using the product last year the pony was nowhere near as bad and regrew his tail completely with very little rubbing of this area. His mane was a little affected but half of it is now very long. He had no problem with his face while on the product as he had done previously. Since stopping through the winter however, he has... made patches along his spine bare and rubbed out the base of his mane again."

"She doesn't scratch her mane and tail as much,and her tummy has only developed one sore patch which is easily treated with salve. In fact I took off her rug and face mask a couple of weeks after starting it and she didn't get any worse."

"Itching has been reduced to mild/moderate. Mane still rubbed in areas but not as bad. A good product... will continue to use on a regular basis."

"I started your Sweet Relief supplement 24 days ago, since then i've continued with the snuggy hoods but stopped using the sheath cover. He has had a lot less bites and none on his legs... ...he's had alot more energy, which is great as he is a very lazy horse."

"Not a miracle cure because he's certainly not itch-free (I wasn't expecting a miracle cure!) but I do think that he is not so severely affected as this time last year."

"the arab has still not scratched once all year that I have seen so obviously really pleased with that."

"Unlike other years, so far he is not rubbing. So I am so far really pleased and so is he!"

"I know that it is making a big difference to my horse... He lives out and has got a full mane and tail atm. He has rubbed a little circle on his tail about the size of a 10pence but that is all so far this year. The midges are rife for this time of year here.  I am giving him 1 scoop 2X a day at the moment  but I feel he needs more as the sun and midges become prevalent."

"By now he has usually started to rub and I have noticed the midges are around.  Not a huge number, but it takes nothing for him to start, and interestingly, a few of my customers' horses in my area are already experiencing problems. I thought you might also like to know that  his coat and skin quality has improved and he is not displaying the usual scurf/dandruff along his spine and it his coat is a healthier texture."

"Before I started Sweet Relief he was itching all year round, but after a couple of weeks using Sweet Relief he doesn't seem to be itching hardly at all."