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I have taken the difficult decision to cease trading with the Sweet Relief product. Over the last couple of years, I have increasingly found that selling this product was a distraction from my main line of business. Tightening of the regulatory framework surrounding nutritional supplements for horses has also made it more difficult for small businesses like mine to market nutritional supplements, even when they are proven to work well - I am not even allowed to leave testimonials from customers on my Facebook page if they mention the medical condition Sweet Relief is aimed at. Whilst this legislation is well-meaning, it has effectively reduced choice for consumers by preventing anyone without a veterinary medicines license from selling products aimed at specific conditions. You may have noticed that feed companies now make bland claims for their products but do not mention the specific medical conditions that they are aimed at.

I would like to thank all my customers over the years and would especially like to apologise to any who are inconvenienced by this decision.

Now that I am no longer selling this product, I have no need to keep its ingredients a secret. For those who have had success with Sweet Relief and want to continue the approach, I would like to explain what was in it and what you can do to source equivalent ingredients.

Sweet Relief was an extremely simple product. It had two active ingredients: nicotinamide (also known as niacinamide) which is a form of vitamin B3, and magnesium oxide. The magnesium oxide was partly there to act as a bulking agent to make a single dose large enough in volume to be easy to measure out but it also provides useful metabolic support given that many horses show signs of magnesium deficiency. The nicotinamide was the ingredient specifically targeted at skin allergy. When an allergen appears in the skin, the immune system mobilises to break it down. Once the allergen has been dealt with, the immune system needs to stand down. This process of standing down the immune system requires adequate levels of vitamin B3. Where a horse is deficient in vitamin B3 for any reason, the immune system doesn't stand down and instead over-reacts, resulting in a localised swelling that is itchy. In a severe case, the immune system may start attacking other areas of skin resulting in hives. The fact that Sweet Relief worked in the majority of cases tends to suggest that many horses are deficient in vitamin B3. Given that B3 is made by bacteria in the hind gut, this may be the result of poor gut health (possibly the wrong balance of hind gut bacteria). Nicotinamide is a useful way of supplementing B3. You could use niacin (the pure form of B3) but this tends to cause hot flushes in humans (essentially the body doesn't like getting a sudden rush of niacin). Nicotinamide however releases niacin slowly as it is metabolised, avoiding the side effects.

One 10ml scoop of Sweet Relief contained 1g of nicotinamide and 3g of magnesium oxide (equivalent to around 1.8g of elemental magnesium).

You can get the same effect by buying nicotinamide capsules intended for human consumption (e.g. from Solgar, Nature's Way, Swanson or similar manufacturers). These typically come in capsules which you can just pull apart, dropping the powder contents into the feed bucket - two 500mg capsules is equivalent to 1 scoop of Sweet Relief. The magnesium oxide can be bought from specialist hoofcare suppliers such as Forageplus or Natural Horse Supplies (don't buy cheaper alternatives as they typically have higher levels of iron contamination) if you want to add that in as well.

If you want to make up an exact copy of Sweet Relief, then you can buy nicotinamide powder (remember it may be also called niacinamide) in bulk from companies like Purebulk. You need to mix 50g of nicotinamide with 150g of magnesium oxide to make one pot full of Sweet Relief. You should use the 'heavy' grade of magnesium oxide... if you use the 'light' grade then you end up with a less dense product and a 10ml scoop doesn't provide enough active ingredient. Make sure you mix the ingredients very well (ideally after pushing them through a fine sieve to remove any clumps) as you don't want your hose getting all the nicotinamide on one day and none the rest of the time!

Once again, I apologise for any inconvenience caused by my decision to cease selling Sweet Relief. Hopefully the information above will provide you with a suitable alternative.